And we did just that at The Line Hotel.

It’s no surprise by now that I am a hardcore aficionado when it comes to hotel hopping, and I’ve carved quite a soft spot for The Line Hotel located in the heart of Koreatown here in Los Angeles. It’s become such a cultural destination - for both Angelenos and visitors alike - that I couldn’t have imagined a better place to throw down a sick birthday party with my birthday twin, Stephanie of HoneyNSilk, while recounting some embarrassing moments on our respective sites amongst an intimate group of friends and colleagues.

As I look through some of the key moments captured via our iPhones and cameras the night before, it suddenly occurred to me that we inadvertently put together the ‘Suite 16' party we never had. I love the fact that we had somehow reclaimed a rite of passage that was once completely inaccessible to us and denied by our super strict, Chinese culture. But I digress. There are many reasons why having a birthday party in a hotel is far superior than putting yourself down on a guest list (though that can still happen) and hoping that your group will be magically transported to the front of the line. Here’s my top 5:

1. It’s a carefree but totally intimate environment.

On top of having to plan a party, the last thing you want to experience is more stress and anxiety during it. Having the party in a contained and mellow space like a hotel suite allows you - the host - to be at ease. Everyone knows exactly where they need to be and at what time - there is not a whole lot of guess work involved. This encourages you to focus on what matters the most - the company and conversations.

2. Everything is provided for when you buy into a package deal.

While you can still coordinate catering and beverages on your own, there's no need to do so when it's all part of the package deal. It's hard to resist individual cans of Sofia Coppola champagne + artisanal cheese and charcuterie plates all in one.

3. There are options and amenities within the premises.

This holds especially true for a location like The Line Hotel. Bar hopping is for the weak, when you have the Pot Bar, Commissary and Break Room all under one roof! I personally hate going to parties where the itinerary involves multiple stops...because honestly by the time you arrive at your 3rd/4th destination, the energy levels and social dynamics sometimes shift. Staying within the vicinity prevents that unnecessary disruption and shuffling. It keeps the momentum going, making for a more memorable birthday event.

4. One bill is all you need.

It is customary that the hosts cover the fee of the suite, but what if there are other incidental expenses as the night progresses? Along the lines of the package deal concept, everything that has to be paid for can be itemized back to your hotel suite’s overall bill. There’s no need to ruminate over several bills and speculate if everyone has contributed their fair share. It’s all clearly detailed on your receipt the next day. Again, worry free.

5. You can sleep in yo suite afterward.

After a long night, the last thing you want to do is hit the road again - this cold hard truth is something us Angelenos are so accustomed to by now. While there’s always Uber, nothing comes quite close to waking up and seeing the breathtaking view ahead of you. Plus, the clean up is cinch - you basically do nada.

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A huge thanks to The Line Hotel for coordinating and setting up an amazing HERExTHELINE event for our birthdays - thoughts and opinions are solely my own.