Say goodbye to your weekender woes. 

When I travel, I tend to keep it light and pack as efficiently - and sufficiently - as possible. Finding the perfect travel bag companion can be tricky, when there are so many options out there. Some are too bulky and others too small. You're not alone in what appears to be a futile pursuit. Not many bags can easily accommodate a lot of stuff, while being high-quality and looking presentably chic.

The pursuit ends here - meet Mr. Weekend - the appropriately-named weekender from Steele & Borough’s signature collection.

It’s a classic weekender with a bit of an edge, just enough to make a stylish statement. The bag itself is beautifully minimal and feels incredibly luxe to the touch. There is only one single pocket compartment for your important belongings, and the rest of the space (there is a lot of it) is for whatever content your desire.

And the price point is hard to beat.

Here are some essentials I managed to pack into the weekender with plenty of space left to spare:

SENZ6 storm-proof umbrellas (these came especially handy during sudden downpours in the tropical climate!) 

We truly believe traveling, especially on business or for leisure, should be simple and hassle-free. This is why we’re about to make this even better - for all of you!

Steele & Borough is graciously giving away a free bag of your choice from their signature collection - all you have to do is enter via Gleam below.

Make sure you complete all mandatory steps - otherwise your entries will be disqualified.

Giveaway ends next Thursday, 6/11 at 11:59PM (PST).

Good luck!

Steele & Borough Travel Bag Giveaway

*Generously sponsored by Steele & Borough

*Open to US and International residents, 18+

*Prize will be handled and directly fulfilled by the brand