While en route to Key West we experienced a brief "layover" in Miami before taking on the Cadillac drive of a lifetime.

Upon picking up our Cadillac ATS Coupe, we immediately headed over to the Market at Edition Hotels Miami for some quick sustenance. Brunch is always a good idea as the saying goes. What we weren't prepared for was how much of a visual tour-de-force the hotel decor is. All-white, from floor to ceiling, with plenty of marble against green, leafy palm planters. Miami decor at its most sublime. This also served as major inspo for my future decor space as I loft hunt. Oh and the food was good too.

After quickly filling up, we were ready to embark on an epic and memorable drive down the US-1. 150 miles. 4 hours. Countless pit stops. And the pictures to prove it:

Passing by stretches of highway, accompanied by cerulean ocean views, went by swiftly as we indulged in frivolous banter, blasting ratchet hits and, sometimes, even just basked in the moments of silence. There are so many words to describe how wonderful and much-needed this escape to Key West was - but there are no words. The feelings, indescribable. The mood, exhilarating. Our senses, way too full of adoration and food.

This trip will always go down in history as one of my absolute favorites. Stay tuned for yet another exciting adventure coming up - be one of the first to find out on Instagram.

*A huge thanks to the Cadillac team for loaning us the car during this incredible trip. 

Opinions and experiences are solely ours.