A brief guide on all the important and essential items for music festival season - starts right after the jump. 

Now that I am freshly recovered from Coachella Weekend 1, I wanted to share with you what I packed and hopefully drop some wisdom especially for newcomers to the music festival world.

*However, if you are a seasoned pro at this, feel free to share any other packing essentials as well tips and tricks down on the comments below!


(From left to right, top to bottom) -

Trail Mix

- Some sustenance to keep your energy levels up as you endure an hour-long music act is so important


- Freshen your breath instantly in the summer heat

Shiseido Sunscreen SPF 50+

- Use only a tiny amount, as it has a tendency to whiten out your skin


- Especially important after stopping by the porta-potties

Bric's Suede Leather Pouch

- It's nice to have all your crucial passes, cards, and cash in one place  

Gold Bond Lotion

- Smells good and ultra-hydrating for your body parts

Oil Blotting Sheets

- To prevent your face from looking like a grease pan

Anker External Recharger

- This lightweight external battery is so necessary when your phone is in its last dying moments

Snack Bars

- To keep hunger at bay - something nutritious and flavorful usually does the trick


- You never know when you have to wipe your dirty mouth

Bottled Water

- It goes without saying that everyone should do their best to stay hydrated while out in the beating sun and after a round of drinking amongst other things. While not the most sustainable,  bottled water is probably the easiest and most sanitary way to keep hydrated while out on festival grounds!


Verizon Jetpack MiFi Hotspot

- This little device here saved my behind so many times over this last weekend. It amazingly allows you to connect up to 15 devices (regardless of mobile carrier, if that's what you're worried about!) onto its Wifi network. Verizon also has two towers out in the Indio area, so this comes highly recommended for Coachella attendees.

Samsung Galaxy Camera

- I had my initial doubts about this camera (pretty much anything anything Samsung has made, I've questioned), but the video capabilities in low-light settings really made a deep impression on me. This camera functions just like a point-and-shoot with a touchscreen LCD display for easy navigation. It comes in handy when your phone is low on battery or if you want to capture good quality videos in a more close-up manner.


Oxydo Sunglasses

- These shades are priced under $100 and does an excellent job protecting your eyes from harmful UV rays while still looking polished. Being out on the field can be quite hectic and tumultuous at times - the last thing you want to worry about is losing an expensive pair of investment sunglasses. These will do just fine.

Caeden Headphones

- I had my Caeden headphones on, for the most part, during my hour long shuttle rides from the Saguaro to Coachella. They allowed me to familiarize myself with artists on the lineup as well as provide a moment of privacy when I simply didn't want to be bothered.

A full video recap of my travel essentials

As someone who is a procrastinator when it comes to packing, I am sure a number of you are frenetically doing the same as you read this post! Good luck to you all and safe travels - whether you're heading out to Coachella or elsewhere this season. A full recap of my Coachella extravaganza goes live tomorrow - stay tuned!