When the going gets tough, throw on an oversized scarf over a sleeveless tank top, put on your bad boy boots and call it a day.

And that's exactly what I've been doing lately - through the inconsistent weather we've been experiencing here in Los Angeles (temps went all the way down to mid-60s this week!) and the high-strung, long days of endless craze ahead especially with the last-minute packing I have to do before departing for the

desert oasis of Palm Springs


Somehow, in the midst of this, I've acquired an unexpected cough that can most likely be attributed to the climate fluctuations and constant circuit of events I've been to that requires a heavy dose of human interaction. Sometimes, there is seemingly no end to all this madness in sight but I shall rise above nevertheless! My antidote to life's hurdles and uncertainties is to keep my outfits rather simple - straight-forward but reinforced with an armor-like tenacity. I sincerely believe these reasons and more are why

over-the-knee boots for men

exist (thank you,

Sand Copenhagen

for leading the way) and

oversized, poncho-esque scarves




If you think the uniform is dead, think again. It's simply evolved and keeps getting better.

Alright folks, time to shift gears once again -

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Photography by Randy Tran