As another Coachella weekend descends upon us, I find myself reliving memories from last weekend. The weather was warm but pleasantly balmy at night, the parties were mostly relaxing, and more importantly, the fond memories that were formed. It was so nice to be out in the desert and away from the bustles of city life.

Although the festival itself has become increasingly commercialized over the years and the line-up is slowly losing its indie touch, most of the acts I saw -

particularly FKA Twigs

- more than exceeded my expectations. And yes, contrary to popular belief, I did go to enjoy the music while producing some awesome social media content for

Cupcake Vineyard


(the official wine sponsor this year at Coachella!). It was also a prime opportunity for me to reconnect with old friends, discover new favorite artists and take advantage of all the wonderful food offerings (

there's even a separate lineup just dedicated to food


Here’s a full play by play of what went down on day 1:

We loaded up our

Chevy Volt

and off we go to Indio! The drive is very picturesque as you get closer to Palm Springs with an expansive view of desert vistas and field of wind turbines. After checking into the hotel and taking a moment to explore our suite at the


, we were amped up to head out to the festival! Our first stop was the Cupcake Vineyards truck in the VIP section for a few snaps and then it was off to our first performance - Azealia Banks! On our first day, we ended up turning in quite early and had dinner at


- a Basque tapas restaurant inside the Saguaro. The Moules and Entrecôte are both life-changing, thus ending the night on quite the delicious note.

Ready yourselves for Day 2 - coming tomorrow.