A while back, I had the opportunity to witness two life-changing exhibitions that impacted me in significant but different ways. I’ve been itching to share some pictures that documents the visual journey I embarked on from the

Samurai showcase at LACMA

to the

Louis Vuitton Series 2 exhibition

here in Los Angeles.

Samurais have been a long-time fascination of mine, and it most likely dates back to my obsession with

Samurai Pizza Cats

(extra brownie points if you know what I am talking about here) and World History class back in high school. Yet, up until witnessing the intricate components of the samurai uniform and reading up on the historical heritage of each samurai clan at the exhibit, my knowledge on the topic has been surprisingly scarce. It was quite interesting to see the samurai uniform evolve over the years, from being more combat-heavy to ceremonious as times grew more peaceful. Another interesting takeaway I had was how some of the pieces, particularly the robe vests, represent a type of modernity that could be easily reinterpreted and brought to life on a

Dries Van Noten


After being invited as a part of the media tour and missing it both times (all thanks to NYFW), I am very fortunate to have caught the

Louis Vuitton Series 2

exhibit in LA right before its one-month run had wrapped up. It is perhaps one of the most important exhibits for several reasons: 1) The induction of

Nicolas Ghesquière

era at Louis Vuitton and 2) prominently identifying Los Angeles as the next big fashion capitol. The exhibit was truly a remarkable, immersive experience, divided into distinct sections that offered an intimate glimpse into the Louis Vuitton brand. I was most blown away by the stark-white room with pointedly accessorized marble mannequins - it was a great retrospective of the LV brand in a way that encouraged both interaction and engagement. It also helps that every corner you turned was an Instagrammable moment - the logo hologram was especially captivating. This exhibit comes highly recommended if it happens to be in your city next!

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