In the city of bright nights and beaming lights.

Accessories du jour:

Caeden headphones

, Neil Barrett scarf, Alexander Wang gloves 

Lavin bathing products and skincare

Travel gear on the go:

Ghurka backpack


KTZ x Linda Farrow sunglasses


Valas Colette shoes

, Altoids and

Vince Camuto cologne

Our stay at the

Sofitel Hotel in New York City

was simply sublime, and it quickly became a sanctuary we looked forward to as each hectic day came to a soothing end. As the temperatures in the city plunged into subzero degrees, it only made it harder to leave the hotel with its arrestingly beautiful decor and exceptional amenities (Read: The pomme frites come highly recommended for room service!).

At night, the entire hotel undergoes yet another transformation - one that is a bit more mysterious and moody. Just the way I like it. The record amount of guests from abroad made for fascinating sessions of people watching, as you enjoy a cup of hot tea.

On one of these unbearably freezing nights, we took it upon ourselves to document the essence of hotel life in the wee hours. There were moments of vulnerability and still silence in the air with thoughts of people coming and going through these storied halls. While these memories may seem like brief, emotional transactions, I believe the Sofitel has a way of preserving all that in a special way.

As I look through these pictures taken in the beautiful interiors and our gorgeously-spacious room at the Sofitel in New York City, I am brought back to the hotel's heartwarming and world-class hospitality that one would expect from this prestigious, French establishment. What can I say? - They simply had me at the first "Boujour".

This editorial post was produced in partnership with the Sofitel - story and opinions are entirely my own.