Better together.

When Vogue Magazine came together and officially heralded Garance Doré, Michelle Phan, Bryan Boy, amongst other contemporaries as the next wave of tastemakers back in 2010, things were never quite the same anymore since then. Nowadays bloggers, in every niche and field imagined, are propagating the digital landscape, leading the conversation and influencing the trends.

But what some may not see - behind all the ostensible glitz and glamour, is how splintering and isolating the blogging community could be. It’s often hard to identify first-hand who sees you as a friend or foe. I know - I’ve experienced quite a bit of disappointment this past year when I committed to MYBELONGING full time. Then again, this same dilemma could easily be applied to any type of social circle - both professional and personal.

Through trials and tribulations, it has taken me a while to finally entrust my friendship to a few individuals that I’ve had the pleasure of being acquainted in and out of events, dinner parties and all the frou frou associated with the LA fashion blogging community. These peeps have my back, and I have theirs.

I also take comfort in knowing that we’re all beautiful individuals inside and out - we have real lives, real struggles that have defined our respective identities. A few weeks ago, we got together with our supremely-talented photographer, John Park, to photograph and celebrate our distinct styles. Introducing The Fashion Collective - featuring

Stephanie Liu of HoneyNSilk


Reinaldo Irizarry of Reyal Fashion


Taye Hansberry of StuffSheLikes



Acne Studios double breast blazer


this one is awesome too

3.Paradis shirt


Candy and Caviar waffle knit


Topman pinstripe trousers


MBxLZZR necklace


Tom Ford sunglasses


Tod's velcro leather sneakers

Photography by John Park