These brands know no genders.

As a result of

my recent collaboration with LZZR Jewelry

, a label that prides itself in designing and producing unisex, architectural pieces, I've been wanting to bring more awareness to this nuanced niche of jewelry design. I am sure some of you have been eager to discover hard-to-find and unique pieces in this category as well. And seek - you shall find!

To aid you on your search, I’ve rounded up the best architecturally-inspired brands that are emerging and operated independently:


I may be a bit biased with this one, but I have very good reasons! My relationship with Lizz Roberts at 

LZZR Jewelry

is a meeting of creative minds. We are both passionate about sustainable, hand-crafted design that is produced locally and from the heart. And the

three-piece capsule collection

we so arduously put together - in a span of four months - is a reflection of those principles. It is a mesh between architecture, negative space and minimalism all in one. I couldn't been more prouder to feature them as a brand again and again.


I met Emma Holland, the founder of

, at a party over the holidays. She was eager to share me with her jewelry designs and the story behind them. What I discovered are beautifully-made wooden necklaces with intricate, gold-plated chains that keep them suspended - to form an architectural but whimsical take on a chevron design. Each piece is made out of gorgeously-polished maple wood, with a hand-painted black interior side. It's rare to find jewelry that mixes hardware and wood elements together so well without it looking too busy or bulky.


We're going international with this one -


is based out in Taiwan. They design and produce, in an in-house setting, some of the most fascinating jewelry I've come across lately. These are actual rings made out of high-density concrete that is made wearable by a layer of protective wax and a sterling base. Despite its appearances, they are rather comfortable for everyday wear - but keep in mind that the coating deteriorates over time making it more porous to other substances and our own oils. Even so, this hasn't stopped me from wearing them every chance I get!

Hope you found this article helpful! Please let me know your thoughts or any burning questions you have in the comments below.