Only 7 of these Grandmaster Chime watches were created in celebration of Patek Philippe's 175th anniversary.


Back in October this past year, I was privileged enough to be invited to take an exclusive, behind-the-scenes look at Patek Philippe's intimately hosted soirée for the unveiling of the rare

Grandmaster Chime ref. 5175

- one that has been in making for the last 10 years - in celebration of the renowned watch company's 175th anniversary. A watch so beautifully-crafted, so enchanting for the eyes and to the touch - that could only be achieved by watchmakers with a steeped and historically-rich pedigree.


Just with a mere, passing glance, one can see that the watch boasts a plethora of features both visible and hidden to the eye. It is most evidently a two face watch: On one side, there's the time face. On the other side is the calendar face. But it's what lies underneath that will take you by surprise.

Obviously, with the amount of technology and development, this watch takes itself very seriously. Encased behind the 18k rose gold case are turning gears - a whopping 1,366 moving parts - that operate approximately 20 complications (

see the full list of functions on the Patek Philippe site

) - from displaying multiple time zones to a moon phase tracker. It's the pinnacle of sophistication, function and luxury all packaged into one 47.4mm wide in diameter and 16.1mm thick watch.

Every nook and cranny of the watch has gone through the meticulousness and care of the human touch, down to the rose gold case that is almost-completely, ornately engraved.


The Patek Philippe Grand Master Chime ref. 5175R will be a limited edition of seven pieces. One is currently residing in the Patek Philippe museum in Geneva. The other six will be priced at 2.5 million Swiss Francs (approximately $2.6 million in USD). Seek out a Patek Philippe boutique for further inquiries.

Product images courtesy of Patek Philippe