An honest look - in my own words - at #MyCalvins experience. Warning: Suggestive pictures ahead. 

When the team over at 

Calvin Klein

 approached me to showcase their signature undies for the holiday season, I was beyond thrilled and accepted with no hesitation.

Upon doing some research (

as in looking through some of the Instagrams posted under the current hashtag

) and being exposed to the perfectly-sculpted bodies - both men and women - on there, I started having second thoughts because I obviously don't fit the mold. I'll be the first to admit that I hardly ever work-out (yes, I walk whenever possible and partake in the occasional yoga session) and come from a naturally-thin family. Some of you may even consider me #blessed for having such a slender figure.

But in a society that relentlessly prides itself on the pursuit of the Adonis treadmill - I am merely seen as "that frail, little kid."

My physique will always somehow be perceived as a sign of weakness, a characteristic that is wholly undesirable and unattractive to most of Western civilization. There's no denying that sex sells, because it does --

just look at the recent, gone-viral spread Nick Jonas, coincidentally in his CKs, did for Flaunt Magazine


It took a considerable amount of struggle and thought to post these pictures up of me in


. While I've never had serious battles with my body image, the insecurities are written all-over my bony chest, exposed rib cage and flat but flabby tummy with no definition.

You know what though? The briefs fit great - it provides support in all the right areas and is immensely comfortable for everyday wear. And I think I rocked them.

The takeaway here is to fuck the Adonis archetype, consider the alternative and just do you. If you ever feel physically-marginalized by the media and heavily photoshopped billboards/advertisements, focus on your best assets - the inner confidence that can't be taken down.

Now that you've been

successfully debriefed

-- we're moving on.