A minimalist's take on #ColourControl.

With my wardrobe becoming increasingly monochromatic these days, this rather 'colorful' ensemble should come as a surprise to most of you.

But just because I am a minimalist doesn’t mean there is no color in my style vocabulary. It’s all about control.


, to be exact. It’s about that pop of color that doesn’t distract but rather complement the overall outfit.

There is a sense of visual harmony - from the suede jacket down to the mahogany leather boots. The muted tones from the cut-out jeans, extended hem-line shirt and sweater combo offsets the heaviness from the former, statement items.

It just goes to show that the right amount of color does exist, whether you are a minimalist or maximalist. A balancing act at its finest.


is a firm believer bringing out the color in you - in all of us, as displayed in this fun, interactive video featuring JUCE as directed by Pensacola: