Fashion hair stylist and street activist,

Mark Bustos

is the true embodiment of a STYLETELLER.

And his story is an even more inspiring and empowering one


While on a family vacation in his homeland of Philippines, where he rented out a barbershop to provide free haircuts for impoverished kids, Mark decided to extend this act of charity and compassion to the hardened streets of New York City. Mark, uplifting the spirits of the homeless - one haircut at a time - hopes that his very public and communal demonstrations will encourage others to do the same, to give back to those in dire need.

One scenario, in particular, that Mark had encountered really stuck with me. After giving a rather stoic homeless man a haircut and showing him the results of his fresh cut, Mark was asked if “he knew anyone was hiring - [I] want a job.” To Mark, that commentary meant everything - that he was doing the right thing. Through his haircuts and by utilizing his expertise, Mark was able to restore confidence and transform lives.

In a similar vein, I also attempt to do the same within my line of work and utilizing my expertise and influence for the betterment of others.

My recent collaboration with LZZR Jewelry

reinforces that - a portion of the proceeds are directly donated to anti-bullying campaigns - a cause that remains close to my heart for many, many personal reasons.

It is my hope that my and Mark Bustos’ story will encourage us to stay and live true to ourselves.

I am beyond stoked to feature Mark Bustos as my very first STYLETELLER profile - please check back in this space for more storied profiles in the near future.

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