I was born without an athletic bone in my body, which probably explains why I was always chosen last for anything sports-related throughout my early schooling years. Not much has changed then - as

I am sure my foodie habits could attest to


Try as I might, I haven't figured out what fits my groove.

During my quest to discover what works best for my physique, I knew I wanted something low-impact without a heavy reliance on equipment. As an on-and-off yoga and pilates person, I figured I needed something that was less committment-driven and could be done on the go. So, then of course, jogging came to mind but the thought of a high endurance, aerobic work out is equally exhausting*.

Dilemma strikes again - what to do?

When you’re on a time shortage, I believe it’s all about considering the alternatives in your daily routine:

  • Start your day with a cup of warm water with lemon or matcha green tea - As tempting as coffee or a latte sounds like in the morning, it is a diarrhetic that not only gives you more anxiety but contributes less to your metabolism. Finish off a big lunch with an oolong jasmine tea whenever possible to increase the efficiency of your digestive system.
  • Walk rather than drive - Whenever you can and within reason (this particularly applies to those who live in cities similar to Los Angeles or suburban settings)
  • Take the steps - If you’re just going up one floor, please do yourself a favor and avoid the elevator
  • Take breaks and stretch often - After a recent visit to a local and highly-rated chiropractor, he suggested that I take breaks 10 minutes on the hour to stretch and give your tense muscles a break
  • Consider the standing desk - I recently converted to a standing desk utilizing pre-existing furniture I already have at home. You can either do the same or purchase a relatively affordable Vari-desk (I may just do the latter myself this Christmas)! If you work in an office/corporate setting, inquire within Human Resources to have your desk adjusted. 
  • Quality, not quantity - If you are on an exercise regiment, it's not about how many crunches or pull-ups you can do a day - but rather the quality of those exercises. Pay attention to form and how your body reacts. 

However, when and if you’re ready for an intense work out, it’s very important that you’re outfitted in performance-driven clothing.


 provides work out gear that you can wear and stay active all day. And look stylish while doing so.

It is also designed to be breathable, dry quickly, and anti-bacterial, moisture and odor-resistant. #TrainBetter and live for the better starts now.

*I really dislike running - there’s nothing more mentally and physically monotonous.