Live today as if it’s your last and savor each sip until the last drop.

Carpe diem. The Latin phrase that means "seize the day" holds a special place in my life, simply because you don't know what's going to happen today or tomorrow.

With fashion week on the horizon and after my trip to Vegas, we've been bracing ourselves for a period of nonstop exhaustion. We knew we had to push the pause button. For the past two weeks, I’ve embarked on

a challenge to myself to appreciate the simple joys and triumphs of “today.”

Right now. This present moment.

Time and time again, we want to remind everyone that it's important to take time off for yourself and loved ones. What you deem as therapeutic though is purely to your discretion *wink*

That opportunity came up this past weekend for us to un-wine at one of my favorite places, the revamped Echo Park, with a glass (or two) of Pinot Grigio from

Cupcake Vineyards

. It's a low key hangout with light brunch fare catered by Square One dining, which is a great way to jumpstart any weekend before hitting the hustle again.

And excellent wine at any price really sets the tone.

Although I myself had just completed the challenge, I invite you to


because there are no guarantees in life. Live today as if it’s your last and savor each sip until the last drop.

This is a sponsored story in partnership with Cupcake Vineyards - these thoughts and experiences are still personal and in no way written under the influence