Chic gone wild - pretty much summarizes one of the most awesomely fascinating shopping experiences in Los Angeles. From the showroom floor to the exquisite changing room, follow us along a tour of Just One Eye.

An original, one-of-a-kind Takashi Murakami nurse doll - there's only one in the world and it's here at Just One Eye. Even Japanese tourists come by just to get a picture with it!

When I first walked into the space, this piece immediately caught my eye. I instantly recognized it as

Ron Arad's

work and that was further confirmed by the staff. I've always loved his furniture design - particularly the chaise lounge chairs that he's well known for.

Just One Eye carries a range of established womenswear designers from



Proenza Schouler


The Row

but also luxury streetwear labels for the guys - namely

Kris Van Assche, Yohji Yamamoto



. The store is specially designed to highlight any on-going collaborations they have with designers as well, one of which is

Nate Lowman x Converse

. They also carry

Maison Martin Margiela's

most recent partnership with Converse!

The sole searching moments are endless at Just One Eye. The men's section alone will astound you:





Christophe Lemaire



(!), and

Pierre Hardy

are just some of my favorites. No worries though - there's a sole for every sartorial soul.

While exploring every nook and cranny, this necklace caught our eyes instantly. It turned out to be a vintage

Heroina Romanticam Dolorosa Dior necklace

now valued at


- you know, just slightly above the average median price for a house in the United States. It's so super rare and delicate that even the floor staff don't normally handle the necklace, which explains why it is enclosed in a glass case.

No shopping experience is ever complete without a glass (make that two) of

Veuve Clicquot


At the end of our store tour, we retreated to the changing room to try on a few select pieces. Don't think we have ever seen a cooler changing room. There's an unmistakable bohemian meets medieval-mid Century-modern charm to it. That exact phrase also describes some of the

quirky home decor and furniture offerings

Just One Eye is notorious for.

Miley Cyrus has one of these bear sweaters. Enough said.

Stoked to have discovered


. The quality of their bomber jackets are second to none - the suede leather was so smooth and achingly beautiful to the touch. There is also a

crocodile bomber that goes for $51,000+

- no biggie.

If you're starting to feel a bit discouraged by the high price marks at Just One Eye, don't be - there's still hope.

Swing by their sample sale that's taking place now until Saturday, July 9th of this week

- tell them I sent you! Magical things like up to 80% off Valentino doesn't happen every day.

Photography by me and

Martin Angulo