Life has been good to me lately - starting with my 26th birthday:

A Robyn x Röyksopp concert surprise at the Hollywood Bowl


These rare Saint Laurent ankle side-zip, polished leather boots

. And

a recent Palm Springs trip with the most amazing friends one could ask for


But as with all birthday celebrations, both past and present, the food portion continues to play a prominent role. If you've been following along on my


, you would've figured I am a pretty big foodie by now. I guess you could attribute to my Southeastern Chinese background and perpetual "seefood" diet (wherein I pretty much eat everything I lay my eyes on). I am also quite fortunate to be living in a city that is renowned for its diverse array of food. Here are the top three, recent discoveries I've made that are worth highlighting:



brunch experience is sensory overload, complete with stunning views from the Mondrian SkyBar to the beautifully plated and thoughtful food that it serves. I had the honor of attending one of its #HerringBrunches, where I was reunited with some old friends (like Sheryl of

Walking In Wonderland

), on the day of my birthday. It was pretty much love at first bite when I started getting into my Niman Ranch Pork Belly, accompanied with a fried over easy egg, lightly buttered toast and avocado aioli. Equally lovely was the lobster roll in a brioche bun, but the fries definitely stole the show for me. Expect hand-crafted cocktails that will blow your mind away as well (my personal favorite is the Snake in the Grass).


Bottega Louie

, the Downtown LA institution that is the ultimate tourist and foodie trap. The high ceilings, marbled floors and incredible selection of pastries will keep you here for hours, even if it was originally for a quick meeting. Although we've had a our share of brunches and dinners here, I highly recommend coming in for a pick-me up. There is no wait at the tables by the bar; it's first-come, first-served. The soy lattes are nothing to write home about, but the beignets will leave your mouth watering and certainly begging for more. Soft, light and fluffy with a generous amount of sprinkled sugar, the beignets are delightful with or without the raspberry compote.

The Public Kitchen and Bar

was an unexpected find for us, since we're hardly ever in the epicenter of Hollywood, where all the tourists roam and merrily congregate for pictures. Lots and lots of pictures. So right before the Robyn concert at the Bowl and in an attempt to escape the mania taking place on the streets, we retreated into the Roosevelt Hotel where we found in this gem of a happy hour. $3 well drinks, $5 house wines, and $3 sides/appetizers were enough to whet our appetite and a light dinner before the festivities ahead. Get the grilled cheese and the homemade tomato soup - you won't regret it. And yes, another round of pomme frites with that please.