Our Hawaii trip in Oahu, around Waikiki all the way to the North Shore, is officially recapped. Pardon the endless scrolling of pictures. While no words can hold a candle to our experiences on the island, whether it was taking in the breathtaking scenery against the gusting winds of the Pali lookout or witnessing a peacock’s blessing at our dear friends', Char and Helen’s, wedding in beautiful Sunset Ranch on Waimea Bay, we certainly came back more refreshed and creatively synchronized than ever before.

Hawaii was such a wake up call on so many levels for us. The times and moments spent together reminded us that everything, good or bad, in life can be so fleeting. As much as we take our professional lives and the grind seriously, it’s important to maintain a consistent work life balance. As a society, we value the appearance of productivity, growth, and the numbers game just a bit too much. Being in Hawaii helped us regained some perspective on how crucial it is to spend your time wisely, be surrounded by love ones and friends, and simply let loose. Let loose. Now that’s something we could all use more of.

Hawaii marks the beginning of many travel chronicles we’ll be doing together. We hope our tiny sliver of the Hawaii experience brings you some peace of mind and inspiration to pack up your bags and just depart. Let go and let live.