Aside from Christmas,

Chinese New Year

remains one of my favorite celebratory occasions of the year. I have had my fair share of cherished memories growing up in a traditional household that takes the lunar new year very seriously. Every nook and cranny of the house would be immaculately cleaned to signify a new slate, another auspicious year in the horizon. Endless red envelopes, filled with ka-ching, are passed out (read: to help ease the pain of my material spendings) into my greedy little hands. Throughout the day, we'd munch on an array of delicious treats, candies and chocolates in preparation for a gourmet feast: a reunion dinner where all members of the immediate family are present to celebrate unity and pay our respects to the ancestors for their continued blessings.

This is precisely why I was beyond thrilled when I received an invitation to attend


Chinese New Year dinner to celebrate their

new Year of the Horse specialty chocolates collection

. As fate would have it, I was also reunited with favorite blogger friends,

Hallie of Hallie Daily


Vanity Fair’s

International Best-Dressed List Winner) and

Anita of Mad Hungry Woman

(one of the most prolific Yelpers). We joined together for a delicious meal, a brilliant menu orchestrated by the culinary genius of

Sang Yoon of Lukshon

and Godiva’s Senior Chef Chocolatier, David Funaro.

Every entree was infused with some form of chocolate and paired with the most delectable wines and beer possible. The standouts for the night for me were the duck popiah, crispy whole fish, chinese eggplant, “beef and broccoli”, brussels sprouts and heirloom black rice. The dessert portion, which could have been easily a three-course meal in itself, comprised of a Godiva white chocolate Vietnamese iced coffee spiked with White Lion arrack, a chocolate cherry shooter, chocolate and pear “donut” as well as a macadamia and black sesame dumpling.

All in all, a solid dining experience, in the midst of the best company one can ask for, which I’ll remember for many, many Chinese New Years to come!

Special thanks to Godiva, Lukshon and IW Group for extending the invitation and having me at this celebratory event