3.1 Phillip Lim jacket,

NEWTHINGS neoprene shirt

, H&M x Isabel Marant pants (

similar here


Converse sneakers

, GAP scarf (

similar here


Richer Poorer socks

With the holidays and another New Year upon us, I've been in a state of reflection and contemplation. New beginnings are always a bit unnerving, because we're confronted with so many uncertainties ahead of us. But it's also a time of newness and rejuvenation. A time to go back to the drawing board and repaint the existing canvas. Chart the uncharted. (My apologies for the throat-chugging metaphors).

Part of being a style blogger (or styleteller, in my case) is constantly pushing the envelope of what I perceive as personal style, specifically menswear, and a voice for those who feel sartorially-underrepresented. The latter has gradually become the driving force behind this digital extension of mine. And I embrace this role wholeheartedly.

Hence, in 2014, you'll be seeing big changes around these parts. I am talking about more engaging, exciting content, a more interactive layout, more personal styletelling anecdotes, more travel and foodie chronicles and, of course, more meaningful, material obsessions to fawn over. In a way, I am returning to the backbones of what makes MYBELONGING tick. A way of going back to the basics but looking forward.

Can't wait for all of you to join me on this wild joyride. My hope is that you'll leave feeling a bit more inspired, confident and motivated every time and come back for more. Here's to a very merry holiday and a memorable New Year for you and your loved ones!