Other than staying hydrated in the humidity, my beloved Tom Ford Campbell sunglasses shielded my weary eyes from curious bystanders and the sun's beating rays. I highly recommend the following for some much-needed anonymity:

Quick lunch breaks meant carbo-loading on scrumptious paninis packed with freshly melted mozzarella at local, Italian cafes and delis between shows and appointments.

All smiles with my Bollare boothangs, Jennifer and Landon!

My first encounter with La Mer watches...and it was love at first sight. Can't wait to get my hands on one of these handmade babies! Take a look at some of my favorites below:

Dear Bollare, you're killing me with this sweater. That detail is everything!

The newly-opened Shinola store in the Tribeca district of New York City was kind enough to have me over for an intimate tour. They had me at reclaimed steel, imported directly from Detroit, to hand-crafted soy lattes.

Just between you and me, the Shinola watch on the left is their highest-grossing watch yet. Get it now before it's all gone!

All leather goods can be immediately monogrammed on the spot. It doesn't get any better or more personalized than that!

This is the changing room. Yes, copy that.

I've never met a Lobster Roll I didn't like. Thanks for the delicious bites, 'Wich Craft!

Moo-ing at the MoMA.

Once you go flourless, you simply can't go back. Alternatively, once you go black, you can't go back either.

The Saint Laurent shopping experience is a highly-caffeinated one.

This multi-course meal from Vitae was gastronomic heaven. That Bernaise sauce for the pomme frites will have your mouth salivating for more; not to mention, the most perfectly baked dinner rolls in a cast iron skillet!

Equally moving and memorable, The Lion King musical on Broadway was a much-needed intermission from the NYFW frenzy. This is a must-see.

A NYC trip is never complete without some essential investment pieces.

Ever since graduating from Cornell three years ago, I've embarked on annual trips to NYC without fail. It never gets old. Although the last two trips have been more NYFW-centric, I also live for the moments that are away from the Lincoln Center tents, the Milk Studio industrial interiors and the Pier 59 warehouses. February is only a stone's throw away -- can't wait to be back already!

Photography by me and Martin Angulo