Wearing // Saint Laurent FW13 mohair cardigan, Zara baroque sweater, Eliran Nargassi shorts, Steve Madden pony hair loafers

My love for investment purchases goes far beyond just satisfying my inner materialist desires -- it's also about the electrifying experience. Martin and I's recent experience at the Madison Avenue Saint Laurent boutique further reinforced my fiery affair with high-end luxury boutiques.

While online shopping and e-commerce storefronts are becoming increasingly enticing and easily fulfill our need for instant gratification, I tend to approach luxury shopping quite differently. I see it as more a sacred ritual. Think of it as going to your favorite spa treatment, where you come out of the experience completely rejuvenated and refreshed. That's exactly how I felt when we were met with endless, beaming smiles and courteous service upon walking into the Saint Laurent store on Madison Avenue.

From the initial point of contact with our sales associate, whom we affectionately called Feng Feng, to the shopping and fitting process that was accompanied by freshly-crafted lattes and bubbly bottles of Perrier, the whole scenario was so seamlessly pleasant and enjoyable. But it only gets better. When the boots we were looking to purchase was unavailable in our size, Feng Feng reassured us and immediately sourced them from a different store. The boots were delivered as promised the next day. Talk about expediency and tailor-made customer service!

There was also a pervading sense of egalitarianism. Unlike other high-end luxury stores, everyone seemed to be treated equally, with courtesy and respect. I think it's important that everyone is treated like a million dollars no matter their budget constraints or socioeconomic level, even at luxury stores and the like. And this particular Saint Laurent store succeeded in doing so with flying colors.

Although this post may came off as a "rich bitch" post, I don't believe in settling for less when you work 50+ hours a week to live your dream. Whether you're looking to invest in pair of Christian Louboutins or a Louis Vuitton luggage case, don't miss out on the luxury experience that you deserve!

Saint Laurent Paris 
3 E 57th St
(between 5th Ave & Madison Ave) 
New York, NY 10022

Photography by Martin Angulo