When I first "met" Jimmy at my old, digital stomping grounds ( -- anyone?), we became fast online acquaintances and bonded over our love for photography, fashion, art and design. He was also the first person who so generously photographed me, when I returned to LA three years ago after graduating from college.

The thought of starting my own personal style blog never truly crossed my mind until that actually happened. Seeing Jimmy behind the lens was the ultimate inspiration; the photographs he captures are brilliantly composed and editorially breathtaking. I am truly proud to call this blossoming creative one of my closest friends. I can only hope that my outfit photos are a fair tribute to his undeniable talent!

In honor of the launch of his new portfolio site, The Minor Detail, we recently collaborated on a motion editorial together to celebrate such a monumental milestone. We shot everything in one day, under the directorial guidance of Charles Lee -- another good friend and fellow creative of ours. The premise of the editorial is to capture living in the fleeting moments and through every minor detail. We really hope you enjoy the video!