If you follow me on Instagram, you would've seen glimpses of my recent trip up to Calgary, the land of Alberta-bred beef, mountainous terrain and home to the Stampede festival. Yep, you read that right -- as this past July 4th rolled around, my family and I decided to the do the most patriotic thing possible: fly out to Calgary!

However, it's not what you think. We were only there briefly to address some family matters (a part of me wants to share but it is quite despondent, so I'll leave it at that), but it was still so nice nonetheless to take a break from pressing business in the real world and dive into some quality time with family.

Being away from LA and the naturally busy cycle of city life gave me the opportunity to reflect upon where I am in life and how far I've come along. Since graduation a little over three years ago, I've led this transient life -- moving out into my own apartment, meandering through different career paths and finding my own voice. While I am incredibly happy and blissfully grateful for every moment, every opportunity, I believe it's equally important to pause, take it all in and rejuvenate. For me, personally, that's giving these "down-time" moments to family, friends and loved ones. You may have all the riches and connections in the world, but it's family (or the family you choose) that will be there for you when you rise or fall.

Can I get an "amen" up in here?