2(X)IST Cabo swim briefs, H&M asymmetrical striped tee, Zara tank top, Henry Holland hoodie sunglasses

Before making my way out to the Maison Kitsune x Andres party at the Standard Hotel Hollywood this past weekend, I did an impromptu shoot with Martin because I wanted to capture these gifted 2(X)IST Cabo swim briefs as pristinely clean as possible. The results were both seriously and deliriously hilarious. We had so much fun mimicking a fun beach day that was strictly indoors, with Henry Holland sunglasses and Grace Coddington's A Memoir

Upon arriving at the hotel, our senses were promptly overloaded (i.e. skyporn, awesome bubble chairs). We ended up getting one of the outdoor tepees and partied the night away, while KCRW and YACHT DJs turned up some awesome beats. Just one of the many vivid moments that reminded us of the fleeting summer youth that'll one day escape us. Time to carpe that diem like no other.

Photographed by Martin Angulo // Snaps from Instagram