The Mountain Pomeranian t-shirt (gifted), American Apparel belt and trousers (gifted), Creative Recreations Cesario x Prime Indigo Gold sneakers (gifted), Chloe and Isbael bracelet, Michael Kors watch

In the midst of very exciting developments that I can't wait to share and my busiest month yet, I wanted to quickly drop by with a quick post featuring some outtakes from a recent video collaboration with my dear friend, Jimmy Sianipar, who is the photographer and primary creative behind Minor Details (website launch coming soon)!

To be frank, I had no idea what to do with this shirt when The Mountain team sent it over. I mean, an adorable Pomeranian face isn't exactly what you'd consider wearable. But on a whim, I decided to wear it with these billowy trousers from American Apparel and give you my best Lisa Frank chic look. Yup, go ahead -- call me a "nurse off-duty."