As some of my longtime readers know by now, I am an avid proponent of curating a wardrobe that includes womenswear (or kidswear, if you're of the petite variety like me) -- Margaret Zhang of Shine By Three and her flawless personal style are more the reason why we should do so. Not only if she is a terrifically witty blogger, Margaret's stylish, tomboyish flair is stunningly captured in every self-timed frame that makes the cut. I am floored by how well she elevates "non-designer" garb into some next level shit (like most of the girls on FELLT). She's my go-to girl for inspiration right now. She travels extensively, too -- it's like watching the most fashionable "Where on Earth Is Carmen San Diego?" that ever existed.

Margaret, if you're reading this right now, you can get it! Love you, xo.

All photos collected from Shine By Three