Whether you're celebrating Father's Day this coming weekend (it's on the 16th for those of you who haven't marked their calendars yet ;)) or simply want to show your man, who is near and dear to you, some materialistic lovin', this is the gift guide for you!

1. Rag and Bone Pilot Bag - When you're in need of a co-pilot, this bag will help you navigate through your day-to-day routine.

2. Baxter's Under Eye Complex Cream - A no-fuss, fragrance-free and light eye cream for those puffy eyes and stressful nights.

3. Dossage 8 For Him Cologne - One of my favorite colognes of the moment. It's citrusy and delightfully airy without compromising your masculinity.

4. Daniel Wellington Glasgow Watch - Classically designed yet incredibly functional watches that pair well with any occasion, including those summer time soirees and pool parties. Priced affordably, too.

5. Steven Alan Matte Dark Tortoise Willard Sunglasses - Steven Alan's newest collection of optical wear is simply stunning. These are perhaps my favorite frames, but one can easily find others that are more suited to their facial structure and personal style!

6. Evatik Optical Readers - You never know when these might come in handy -- poolside reading anyone?

7. Miansai Anchor Bracelet - The anchor is just such a stroke of design brilliance. Brace yourselves with one of these for your next nautical adventure!

8. House of Quinn Limited Edition Floral Swimshorts - I am feverishly obsessed with these limited edition floral swimshorts from House of Quinn, a London-based apparel label. So much so that I wished they had done an entire collection out of those prints!

With summer days in full swing, these items would be the perfect accompaniment to a vacation getaway or a leisurely, lounge-y afternoon session by the pool. Here's to a joyous and eventful weekend to all my fellow males out there -- get wet and keep it cool!