I remember first learning about KCRW's infamous Chinatown Summer Nights through my friend, Letopho, last August. And it's quickly risen on the ladder of my favorite activities to partake in during the summertime here in Los Angeles.

Coming from someone who endlessly dreams about reveling away on the lively and balmy streets of Barcelona (a lΓ‘ Vicky Cristina Barcelona -- my absolute film du jour from Woody Allen), that means a whole lot and it's probably the closest I'll get to experiencing something spiritually similar in an outdoor setting. I live for the convergence of multicultural crowds with a fleet of food trucks, live entertainment and Jason Bentley on the helm of a sick, DJ set. Never discount that feeling of togetherness in a city so big.

If you're around town in July or August, this is one event you won't want to miss. Hope to see you there!

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