H&M emerald dress shirt and faux leather pants (similar here), Tom Ford Campbell sunglasses, Michael Kors rose gold watch, Markisa bowtie, Repetto shoes, Trussardi satchel bag (similar here)

There's a growing misconception that fashion and personal style bloggers all lead these fabulous, privileged lives. Some of us are, some of us were born with silver spoons in our mouths and glamorously lounge around at the hottest scenester-y spots all day, but the reality is many of us don't.

Some de-mystifying to follow:

This brings me back to the instance when these pictures were taken. My sister and I embarked on a quick trip to the grocery store in preparation for dinner that night. Whilst driving through suburban streets, I noticed how quaintly awesome it was and told her to pull over for a quick shoot. So this happened. With a little bit of editing magic through Lightroom, I was able to bring out the richness of my outfit ensemble and the beautiful perspective of the background. I am all about making the everyday mundane into something extraordinary.

Am I envious of other bloggers who get to travel and photographed at exotic destinations? Heck yes.

But I am certainly not wallowing in self-discontent. In fact, I very much enjoy and love the life I have now. Having a comfortable full-time job and coming from humble beginnings makes me truly appreciate what I already have. I am self-sustaining in that most purchases I make come directly from my own income. Yes, it's a pain sometimes knowing that others are being gifted right and left. Realizing that I live within my means makes me that much stronger and grounded. And, whether you believe it or not, I wouldn't prefer it any other way.

Disclaimer: I have the utmost respect for established bloggers who's made it and triumphed against all odds. Believe me, I am trying to do the same ;)