Royal Elastics Austin shoes (gifted), Reiss textured knit polo (gifted), Obey fur cap, Zara faux leather jacket and plaid pants, Nautica vintage woven belt

Yet another cold spell has been casted on what should be an otherwise sunny week here in Los Angeles. Clearly, I am enjoying it because I get to layer again. And I am all about layering, especially in light of the transient weather conditions that pervade even during the summer months here.

This sudden drop in temperatures has encouraged me to cleverly integrate both Spring and Winter wardrobe pieces together, most notably a pair of wool plaid pants with a light textured knit. My fur cap added that much-needed element of exaggeration. When it's cold, I want to make sure my outfit is weather-appropriate and speaks to the mood of the moment. My Royal Elastics' shoes never fail to give off the perfect sheen. Even from miles away, bystanders take notice and compliment on my footwear choice generously.

So there you have it -- how to dress when the chills come around during seasonally warm months! If you like it, holla at me ya?