As the summer months draw closer to LA, I am more inclined to reintroduce whites, sheer, navy and nautical elements into my wardrobe but in the most minimally intrusive way possible. My heart is still strongly attached to bold but neutral tones and meticulous details. Details similar to the drip-like pattern that you see on this exquisite piece from Matthew Williamson's collaboration with H&M way back when. I love taking older pieces in my wardrobe and reinventing them with staple classics, namely these cropped trousers from Topman and beige oxfords from J Shoes. All tied up with a woven belt from Rag and Bone for that inconspicuous nautical touch.


And now on a slightly more personal note: I've been on a bit of a blogging block lately.

A mere two years ago, I started this blog with the intent of documenting and giving meaning to the belongings I curated. Hence the name MYBELONGING. Fast forward from its inception, my blog grew from its original mission to what it is now -- finding MYBELONGING through personal style, fashion obsessions and snippets of my day-to-day life in Los Angeles. Along the way, I've been blessed by getting acquainted with some kindred, supportive souls, speaking at the AJAA conference fashion panel, attending my first NYFW, as well as working with a number of fantastic brands -- namely ASOS and REISS. There's more room for growth, and the road ahead is exciting as ever!

With growth, comes reorganization. I intend to stay true to the core essence of "style-telling." This means full-disclosure for brand introductions, dishing all the details on my latest outfit posts, and conveying personal life stories that add dimension to my style identity. I want to bring back what is personal to style again. And I hope you'll continue to share this journey with me! My life is so full and blessed because of each and everyone of you. Let me how I can be a source of support, for you, at any time. Love, T.