With the recent heat spikes, my sudden urges for the sugary and refreshing sweetness of shaved ice has increased exponentially. My favorite joints are still in the San Gabriel Valley area, from TenRen to Pa Pa Walk. This Mango Snow Ice with lychee and coffee jelly was from Milk + Honey.

We mustn't neglect the ever-more popular twin to shaved ice: ice cream. Sweet Lucie's is a premium organic ice cream truck in the Southern California region, and they have the cutest truck -- ever!

It was my first time at the annual, Modernica warehouse sale this past Saturday. I was pleasantly surprised that I got what I came for because that typically never happens. The universe has a way of bullying me like that some times.

Martin and I found ourselves at Disneyland this past weekend (yet again). It may seem like we're avid goers, but the truth is we simply enjoy going there because it's a contained space, we get to interact with friends and actually spend one-on-one time with each other at the same time. There's also plenty to do, so we can easily plan a whole day or evening together!

Since the closing of its Westside location, I've been anxiously awaiting the opening of Chego's new Chinatown location. And it certainly does not disappoint! Their kimchi spam rice bowl, pictured above, was absolutely mouthwatering.

It was my first time at the Los Angeles Flower Market, and I was blown away. It was sensory and olfactory overload in the best way possible.

Seeing Joshua Christensen's AW2013 mens and womenswear collection debut on the runway was such an amazing privilege this past weekend. Aside from the phenomenal showcase, I loved how intimate the warehouse space was, the free flowing stream of mixed drinks and the unpretentious crowd. Win!

Another highlight from the show was getting to see Steph of HoneyNSilk in attendance! While brief, it was still nice to catch up with her for a moment. I don't have many blogger friends per se, but she's definitely one of them!

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