Hazy sunsets in my neighborhood of West Los Angeles are just unbeatable. This is as good as they come. The criss-crossed wires remind me of how there once used to be trolleys that traversed throughout the general metro area. Wishfully thinking that they'll be revived in the near future.

I come to Plan Check way too often. It's up the street from me, and their food never fails to impress. Having a glass of their ice-cold, Pinot Gris and buttermilk lettuce salad (generously topped with crisp cheddar, roasted almonds, deviled eggs, fresh fuji apple slices and wasabi mayo dressing!) was exactly what I needed on this night.

The awesome team over at ASOS was kind enough to send me a care package consisting of their newest selvedge denim line! Can't wait to style these babies ;)

LA reflections on yet another flawlessly gorgeous weekend.

Teaser shot from an upcoming photoshoot featuring ASOS. It was nice to relive childhood memories of chasing down ice cream trucks on a hot, summer day.

These freshly made tacos from Guisados will have you salivating for more. I especially love their mole chicken pablano. Of course, I'd be eating on a shoot. Model's need to be fed, too!

The next shoot brought us to the Millennium Biltmore Hotel in Los Angeles. Everything about this location was perfect, from the natural lighting to the fabulous decor. There were so many amazing surprises that awaited us at every corner.

An outtake teaser from the second shoot, wearing Reiss SS13 knitwear. Seriously, I can't wait to show you guys the final results!

Ended the week on a beautifully overcasty and misty hike at Temescal Canyon Park! Couldn't have asked for better company :)

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