Footwear choices for an office setting can be rather daunting and tricky. A lot of times, for those of us working in a business-casual environment, we compromise on our personal style to avoid the unwanted stares and a potential intervention on behalf of your superiors or fellow colleagues. Hydrogen-1's collection of shoes, which epitomize the fine balance between casual and formal wear, may just be the sartorial solution we've all been looking for.

Designed in San Francisco and produced by artisanal shoe manufacturers in the Le Marche region of Italy, Hydrogen-1 footwear are professional and stylish enough to be worn in the office and beyond. I am a bit of a discriminating snob, if you haven't noticed by now, when it comes to materials and overall construction. Hydrogen-1 shoes are made out of calf-skin that's soft to the touch and gives off this natural sheen as seen on the brogue details. The versatility that these shoes provide means one can easily pair them with a nice pair of dark denim or formal trousers for that quintessential sporty formal uniform that I am obsessed with! These are all great things in my footwear vocabulary.

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