My very first Coachella. I am sure I can easily go on about the intense crowds, chaotic frenzy and mind-blowing live performances for years to come. But I'd rather stick to the personal details and give you the lowdown on how my days were spent in the sunny, balmy and very windy region of Indio, CA. Always a first time for everything, as they say.

There was no such thing as a typical day during my exodus to the desert -- everything becomes one hazy blur. Not the drug-induced kind either. We'd be chomping down Louise's Pantry's famous Jimmy Special (essentially corn beef hash on crack), sipping a pulpy glass of mimosa, and then catch Alexander Skarsgard sitting at the table diagonally across from us. Then we'd head down to festival grounds, via shuttles (ranging from the high-end to the janky), frolic on the grass with cocktails and beer in hand, all the while enjoying the rhapsody of live music that breathe life into our ears. Desert life meant that any remnants of a put-together, dapperific look go out the door, so I naturally resorted to a rib-cage baring tank top from ASOS, much akin to Rick Owens, to escape the blistering the heat. Sunglasses were equally essential, and Wildsoul (Use the code MyBelongingWS for a 20% off discount!) was kind enough to provide me with a pair to appreciate the incessant sunshine! And I had the perfect sweater on once the sun sets and the high desert winds kicked in. The day after would involve a hearty brunch, with enough Stumpstown Coffee-derived caffeine and people watching, at the King's Highway to cure any lingering hangover.

Departing from the desert was another story. It was certainly an eye-opening experience for a first-timer like me and now I have this stirring desire to explore more of what is available in the backyard of Los Angeles. While I can't promise I'll be making multiple trips anytime soon, it was definitely a much-needed escape from every day life.