Some of you may remember Joshua Christensen from Project Runway Season 9, but let's forget all about that and focus on his most recent menswear collection. In my opinion, his design aesthetic is the very definition of what avante-garde but wearable menswear should be. He has wholly captured the zeitgeist here with the incredibly use of mixed materials, most notably the faux fur and quilted leather outerwear pieces. That cobalt blue jacket has my name written all over it! Even more impressive is the fact that he played around with architecturally-inspired proportions and volume as demonstrated in the crisp white shirt with the gold-tip collar. I am beyond enamored by the overall design ingenuity of that piece -- so much so that I'd plop down some serious cash for it to be in my wardrobe right now!

Aside from delivering a stunning collection, Joshua's journey of how he followed his passion is an equally touching and beautiful story. Like most of us, he works a full-time job at a major design label while focusing on his own collections -- talk about multitasking! There's something to be said about that level of commitment, flexibility and involvement, which is palpably reflected in his body of work. I have the utmost respect for designers like Joshua, whom will undoubtedly go very far and achieve even more amazing things. Now the only question remains: When will these pieces be available online or for retail?!

P.S. I can swing by the showroom/studio if need be *wink*!