I've been a long-time advocate and user of Jurlique products. They work so well on my combination oily skin, which is very common amongst Asian-Americans. The awesome team over at Jurlique was kind enough to send over this care package, consisting of products that are perfect for my night-time regiment. They recently launched their Instagram profile to give their fans a more behind-the-scenes look at the brand!

I love being in a tourist in my own town, and I am so happy I get to do it with a like-minded companion. A kindred spirit if you will. He also introduced me to a secret happy hour spot that was both surprising and dirt cheap!

Wearing these mesh oxfords from Alexander Wang every chance I get. Dress it up or down, they're showstoppers no matter what!

Waking up to Kimchi Kitty on a Saturday morning is such a great way to start any weekend. She's Insta-famous now, thanks to Cat's of Instagram!

I wear my Luke Chueh bear pin on my Margiela collar. That's how I roll.

Scouting different suburban neighborhoods for my next outfit shoot! I've always had a fascination with the mundane and making it extraordinary.

Staying in for the night and making chimichurri steak accompanied by baby broccoli and kimchi relish was the best decision ever!

What I actually did on St. Patrick's Day. I have no shame in celebrating unconventionally.

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