Giant Robot has been an Asian and Asian-American pop culture institution since its inception in 1994. What started as a magazine morphed into a booming art gallery and retail storefront. I am continually amazed that such an iconic piece exist in my neighborhood of Sawtelle/Little Osaka. If are you ever in the area, stopping by Giant Robot is a must!

Cherry blossoms are some of my favorite florals. They've been blossoming throughout the streets of my hood, and I can't be happier. Spring is coming -- what a better time to signify new beginnings!

Home to many drunken and diva karaoke nights in the company of dear friends, Max Karaoke has seen it all. The no-alcohol policy may seem dissuading at first, but there are multiple, incognito ways to sneak some in! Just don't get caught ;)

The beautifully lacquered tables at Nong La, the most authentic pho establishment on the Westside, makes the dining experience that much better.

...And this is what keeps me coming back for more.

As if my life isn't already one big sausage fest, I can't seem to get enough servings of this particular dish from Curry House. Mmm.

This izakaya staple, cha-wan mushi, is my all-time favorite. Furaibo's version is brothy, silky and overall mindblowing. Yes, I am a shameless egg slut!

Balconi Coffee is ranked as one of LA Weekly's Top 10 Coffee Houses in Los Angeles for a reason. In addition to their specialty almond latte, I am in love with their green tea matcha latte. I am also a firm believer that they have the best latte artists.

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