Most of us, especially busy-bees like me, have a hard time slowing down to smell the flowers or soak in the sun. It's so easy to lose yourself in that daily grind. I've been trying to break away from those chains. Nothing like a brisk walk around the Silverlake Reservoir to keep your worries at bay. Seeing this family flying a kite together just made my weekend.  
The houses surrounding the Silverlake Resevoir are just as incredible. This one in particular caught my attention.  I love the idea of an open-ended floor plan with plenty of enormous bay windows letting the natural light, in this case the sunset, basking my home decor. Breathtaking. 
Then you have LAMILL. Where do I even begin? Since my return to LA, I've been here countless times. And it remains one of my favorite places to mingle and catch up with dear friends. Some go for the decor, some go for their delicious menu, consisting of siphon coffee to those irresistible brioche donuts. I go for both! I opted for their signature tea champagne (not pictured), and I couldn't be more pleased. These baroque mirrors are one of few stunning design elements that this coffee house is known for. 
This past weekend I also took advantage of the Free Museum Days here in Los Angeles. What a spectacular promotion to bring everyone to all the prominent museums in the area. I highly recommend it, especially if you happen to be visiting. I took this opportunity and museum hopped around Pasadena. The Greta Magnusson exhibit at the PMCA had me hooked. 
My last stop of the weekend: Pacific Asia Museum. To be perfectly frank, I've never been here before. I ought to be ashamed! The courtyard area was exposed and absolutely beautiful. Life is so much better when you're looking up (pun intended)!