Kai Aakmann zipper coat, Brian Lichtenberg Féline sweatshirt, Tom Ford Campbell sunglasses, H&M leather pants, Converse sneakers

I've been a little sad over the fact that I'll be absent from NYFW this season, to be immersed in that ball of energy that fashion week is known for and to see all the fabulous sartorialists taking the streets by storm. So remedy my fashion week blues: I am going off-duty myself!

Inspired by some of my favorite streetstyle bloggers of the moment (Natalie Off Duty) and numerous models who strut their stuff off the runway, I've discovered my inner Féline Dion. The "off-duty" aesthetic appeals to me on so many levels, especially of how accessible it is. One can simply go through their closets, pick out a few staple pieces and throw together an effortless ensemble.

At the moment, I've been wearing the crap out of this sweatshirt (you may remember me obsessing about it, just a few short weeks ago)! I am a cat person, after all. With my oversized Kai Aakmann coat layered on top and timeless Converse sneakers, I am prepared to wander the streets in freezing temps that SoCal denizens like me has had to endure lately.