H&M cable knit sweater (similar here), Trussardi two-bellow bag, Zara plaid trousers, Alexander Wang mesh oxfords

A couple years ago, I fell in love with Nicholas Hoult's character (Kenny), specifically him as a sartorial savant, in Tom Ford's directorial debut: A Single Man. It still remains as one my all-time favorite films for various reasons, among them the pure aesthetic beauty and impeccable cinematography. Watching George (Colin Firth) embark on a downward spiral into depression unfold was hauntingly touching.

This outfit, consisting of a pearly cable knit sweater, plaid pants and cross-body Trussardi bag, was wholly inspired by Kenny and his carefree, exuberant spirit. Truth be told, I am going through a renaissance of my own. Purchasing this Trussardi bag was a way for me to celebrate the smaller victories I've experienced lately in life. Whether it's going on the path of self-discovery again or not being afraid to face the uncertainty that is life, I'll continue celebrating.