Rose petal champagne brunch at Green Street Tavern in Pasadena. They take brunch essentials to whole other level, especially with the house-cured bacon that has the perfect crunch along with flavorful, roasted potatoes. 

My first DineLA meal of the year took place at The Gorbals in Downtown Los Angeles, and they're known for their unconventional use of ingredients. Although I wasn't entirely blown away, I loved their toffee bread pudding that is swimming in a pool of caramel as well as their creme of celery (with a gastro-molecular foam topping). All in all, it was fairly decent at $35 per person. 

If you're looking for authentic paella in the LA area, consider going to La Paella. My absolute favorite is their squid ink paella. Beware though -- your teeth and lips will be stained! Definitely not something to attempt on a first date ;)

Morinoya, being only a few blocks away from my apartment, is one of those rare neighborhood gems you simply don't want to tell anyone else at the risk of being overcrowded. I shared this soymilk truffle hot pot with my sister and her girlfriend on a chilly, Friday night -- it was divine. 

Snuck away on a work lunch with the always lovely and gorgeous HoneyNSilk at Sommunan. This hole-in-the-plaza will redefine what Korean cuisine truly is, starting with their Gamja Tang, which is a pork neck bone soup that has simmered in a hot, spicy broth. The combination of both lean and fatty pork meat will have you salivating!

LA is a foodies' heaven if you're willing to explore and try out new places. Craving for more? Get the full scoop on what I am eating on Instagram!