To say that I've been enjoying life lately, as it happens, would be a complete understatement. There's been too many beautiful moments to document, but here are a few:

I had the opportunity to attend a charity event for Destination Luxury at the Viceroy in Santa Monica, where all donations made that night will go towards AVG Outreach for disabled youth and children. I also was mesmerized by the shimmering, emerald green decor, which is the result of Kelly Wearstler's creative brilliance.

Then there are the more day-to-day, simple moments that revolves around sushi nights with the roommates at Daichan Kaiten Sushi on Sawtelle, spending quality time with our Kimchi kitty and shooting gorgeous pets on equally gorgeous furniture at FormDecor. And have I raved about my mom's extraordinary home cooking enough?

Another noteworthy highlight? Finally caving into getting my hair done at a Korean hair salon in Buena Park. The salon definitely lives up to the its stellar reviews on Yelp!