Zara plaid shirt and tartan wool trousers, Deepstyle studded bag and asymmetrical coat (via YesStyle), Swear Jimmy boots (similar here), Vintage scarf 

It's taken me a while to overcome the fear of incorporating plaid and tartan in my daily outfits, but these pieces from Zara totally won me over! I was practically fawning over the tartan wool trousers. They're slim fitting and keep my legs well insulated -- can't ask for more than that! Combined together, the two pieces create something very special, especially with the holiday season in full effect!

Photographed by Johan Loekito
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As another year is swiftly flying by, I am find myself more reflective than ever. While it has been a tough year, there were so many amazing moments wedged in between. From attending my first NYFW to speaking at my first fashion bloggers' panel, I am left speechless and feeling incredibly blessed. It was never my intention to start a personal style blog. And to be frank, I am still working on the personal part. But isn't that the whole point of life? The acknowledgement that we're all a piece of art in progress is what makes the journey so special and unique. No one can take away your ability to paint your own canvas. You are the master of your own art.