This past Sunday Funday, I spent it with great company at Poketo, where I waited in a line of 12 people in hopes of getting a swag bag filled with goodies that's worth over $100. And it appeared that lady luck was on our side, because we did! This was my first time being at the store, and I must say it's a one-stop shop for gifts, apothecary, indie fashion labels and their famous Poketo wallets! I walked away with an amazing leather/felt iPad case and Poketo wallet for under $20! That's a steal in my book.

Shortly after that, we stopped by the Pie Hole for brunch. The food was extraordinary. They've got gourmet comfort food on a lockdown! The Angel City Brewery Steak + Ale pot pie, Eggnog Bread Pudding and rich, dirty chai* was exactly what I needed to power through the day!

My dear friend Jimmy, who runs Chungking Expressions, also photographed me throughout various locations in the Downtown Arts District area and beyond. I am super stoked to be posting those pictures in a later entry! Hope you enjoyed this segment of My LA Diaries!

*Dirty chai tea lattes are made with a shot of espresso