What I am thankful for this Thanksgiving weekend, among many other things:

1. Rainy nights on the streets of Los Angeles
2. My Goldeneye watch from Modify Watches from the EFGPR lounge
3. View of my bedroom every morning. That neon green hat stand, especially.
4. Deconstruction at its best in the form of Margiela's newest collaboration with H&M
5. Bun Bo Hue from Nong La Cafe on Sawtelle
6. Snakeskin, leather and alpaca wool textures (Giorgio Brutini, H&M and Rag & Bone, respectively)
7. Foliage in the suburbs of LA!
8. Spending time with my mommy over braised pork at Teastation in Alhambra
9. Edison lightbulbs at East/Borough in Orange County

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