Vintage floral corduroy jacket (via my mom's closet, but similar here), Topman fedora, Diesel denim shirt, H&M leather pants (similar here), Vintage Florsheim oxfords, Nila Anthony bag 

My mom and I has always had a very close and tightly-knitted relationship. As a young boy, I was attached to her hip at all times. Yes, I was that imprinted child who obsessively hid behind their parents in unfamiliar situations especially when strangers are around. I recognized her as my sole protector, and she still is today. She was also the first person to ever put me in a dress (a yellow lily print one, to be exact) as a kid. I often attribute her as the main reason behind my attraction towards incorporating women's/feminine pieces into my personal style.

Although we no longer reside under the same roof together, our connection runs deeper than ever. The jacket I am wearing is directly acquired from my Mom's closet. It's been the subject of many conversations and even more compliments. And it's easy to see why: it's essentially a padded, corduroy jacket with an exquisite floral print in a silhouette that is neither too feminine or masculine.

When wearing this jacket, I feel like my mom's strong spirit and love are always with me. A piece like this, to me, holds more significant and sentimental value than anything else in my closet. It'll remain a part of me, forever and always.

Here's to never being afraid to reach into your parents' closets to see what treasures you may find.