Urban Outfitters hat, Deepstyle blazer (via YesStyle), Lego heart (via Etsy), Vintage polka dot blouse, Topman cropped trousers, Swear Jimmy boots 

Taking some old pieces from my wardrobe and combining them in different ways are some of my favorite rituals as the seasons transition. It's finally beginning to feel like Fall here in LA. The mornings are crisp, while the days end sooner and nights are getting gradually colder. Let's be honest -- anything below 60 is quite chilly for native Angelenos like me. I've certainly lost all immunity to the cold since my return two and half years ago.

This calls for some adept layering. It's as simple as wearing a sleek, short-sleeve blazer and layering it on top of something unexpected, frilly or fun. Like a polka dot blouse. Then keep it right and tight with a pair of fitted trousers and ankle boots.